Pushing Daizies return to Dim Mak for ‘I’ll Be Alright’Press Pic Pushing Daizies 1

Pushing Daizies return to Dim Mak for ‘I’ll Be Alright’

The faceless flower duo return to Dim Mak for another future bass bop dubbed “I’ll be Alright.” The ninth release since these two released their debut single “Want It To End” in January 2021, their latest release is extra special. It’s the first production that the duo wrote together under the Pushing Daizies name. “I’ll Be Alright” sets a positive tone from the get-go with crystalline vocals and delicate piano keys, building into a future bass drop that is both groovy and emotive. After nine releases in less than eight months, there’s plenty more to get excited for coming from these two. We may not know who they are, but we know we like what we hear.

And we can’t wait to hear more.