Sofi Tukker, John Summit’s synergy simmers on ‘Sun Came Up’Sun Came Up SOFI TUKKER John Summit Promo By Vanessa Vlandis

Sofi Tukker, John Summit’s synergy simmers on ‘Sun Came Up’

When the sun came up, we were still dancing together.

Thus goes the lyrical backbone of “Sun Came Up,” a collaboration that those keyed in to the ongoings of the underground can very well call a long time coming. Stitched together with Spanish guitar work, the first official musical meeting between Sofi Tukker and John Summit finds the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 recalibrating his club-minded sound, adapting it to take a more ambient approach that befits Sophie’s filmy vocals.

In just 10 words, the hook tells a narrative to which music aficionados hoped to return amid the interminable COVID-19 quarantine and that’s not by coincidence, Sofi Tukker declared, tracing “Sun Came Up’s” conception to the period when live music remained on pause:

“We made this song when we were deep in quarantine, while we were dreaming about the sun coming up, so to speak. We were dreaming about dancing with people again. It’s about being together, in darkness and in sunshine. And about being able to recall that experience over and over again in our imagination and memory. It’s both nostalgic and hopeful. Looking back and looking forward to that one perfect vignette of togetherness.”

“Sun Came Up” can be expected to soundtrack more than just “one perfect vignette of togetherness” as attendees across the nation scuff dance floors anew and Summit and Sofi Tukker continue to blaze across the United States, the collaboration in their respective queues.

Featured image: Vanessa Vlandis

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