Gryffin and Jason Ross seamlessly collide with Calle Lehman on the ultimate post-EDC boost, ‘After You’244264025 290139162660378 8571971303002351080 N

Gryffin and Jason Ross seamlessly collide with Calle Lehman on the ultimate post-EDC boost, ‘After You’

Gryffin and Jason Ross had always seemed like a match made in melodic heaven, but the idea didn’t start to actually come to fruition until this past May when Gryffin unexpectedly shared a quick five-second clip of the two wrapping up what they deemed a “banger.” It wouldn’t be until Insomniac’s first-ever Lost In Dreams festival on Labor Day Weekend that they’d appear on stage together to finally let everyone experience what they’d been working on. Just shy of two months later, Gryffin and Jason Ross are formally equipped to let “After You” into the release wild, signaling their long-awaited merger alongside Calle Lehmann for delivery.

The timing of “After You” truly couldn’t have been any better considering both Gryffin and Jason Ross had the chance to fully introduce it to the masses at EDC Las Vegas just a few days prior to its arrival, with the two joining on stage once more during the former’s set. Gryffin, Ross, and Lehmann had already unofficially met once before on Ross’ “All You Need To Knowrework and the former two had met on “Cry” with John Martin, and “After You” firmly cements their conceptualized synergy. Putting forth a seamless hybrid between Gryffin’s guitar-driven magic and Jason Ross’ melodic-bass mastery, “After You” sees Lehmann top the single with a set of moving vocals that truly possess that instant-classic feel, leaving no wonder as to how those in attendance at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway already knew the lyrics by heart before release day.

Gryffin explained how “After You” turned from a mid-pandemic idea into a collaboration with Jason Ross and Calle Lehmann, stating,

“‘After You’ started as an idea tossed around at the end of a long Zoom writing session. The hook immediately captivated me, and I had Calle send me his vocals right away. Jason and I were also looking to work together, and I sent him the idea and he loved it. Over the next several months, we passed the record back and forth, working in LA and virtually with Calle in Sweden to get it as perfect as possible. We’re so thrilled to share this record with you all.”

Featured image: Eric Cunningham

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