KVSH, Exotique fire back at DJ skeptics on riotous STMPD RCRDS pairing, ‘Bugs’Screen Shot 2021 10 06 At 7.27.11 PM

KVSH, Exotique fire back at DJ skeptics on riotous STMPD RCRDS pairing, ‘Bugs’

In just a short label run, KVSH has maintained one of STMPD RCRDS‘ most recognizable house styles, and the Brazilian producer has returned to back that up once again. After unleashing “Sicko Drop” this past Spring, the Forbes Under 30 inductee is looking to push his tech-house touch further by partnering up alongside Exotique for “Bugs.”

Aside from being a colossal tech-house weapon in itself, “Bugs” serves somewhat of a larger purpose, firing back at those who poke fun at the what DJs actually do while behind the decks. Anyone who’s been on stage—whether it be a local bar or a Brooklyn Mirage-level venue—at least once before has undoubtedly been hit with someone coming up to the booth and harassing them to no end, with KVSH tapping Exotique for vocal antics and equipping DJs with the ultimate sonic rebuttal. KVSH spoke on the meaning behind the track title and what “Bugs” seeks to accomplish, stating,

“The track “Bugs” portrays a hater’s questioning of the DJ’s professionalism. From the hater’s point of view, the DJ is a “bug’’, something that bothers and irritates society. A plague to be fought. Unfortunately, there is a common misperception that being an electronic music artist does not require hard work. I want to show the reality, effort and hard work required to be a professional DJ. We’d like to flip the hater’s negative view of insignificance into something good and positive for the fans, who are the ones who really matter in the end!”

Featured image: KVSH/Instagram

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