Proximity and Montraa bring new life to Nervo’s ‘Horizon’Nervo Photo By Chloe Paul

Proximity and Montraa bring new life to Nervo’s ‘Horizon’

Proximity has teamed up with Montraa to release an art film for Nervo‘s single, “Horizon.” Featuring elegant dancers and an enthralling soundtrack, the film finds a couple dancing around one another and contorting their bodies, flashing lights moving around them. Director Viktorija Pashuta said in a press release,

“With ONE art film we tried to deliver a powerful message—that we all are given a ticket in life and despite all the challenges and obstacles we come across during this crazy ride—we should remember that we always have a choice how to live it.”

Omar Zabian, founder and CEO of Montraa, said in a press release,

“This project represents the energy of Hope, the power of Unity and the magic of Love. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Music heals us, Art inspires us. It’s what the world needs now, and always.”

Featured image: Chloe Paul

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