Swedish House Mafia kindle ‘Moth To A Flame’ with The Weeknd, announce ‘Paradise Again’ album tourScreen Shot 2021 10 21 At 9.08.20 PM

Swedish House Mafia kindle ‘Moth To A Flame’ with The Weeknd, announce ‘Paradise Again’ album tour

We all anticipated that Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd would eventually cross paths, but no one could’ve been prepared for the day it would actually happen.

As AxwellSebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello graced a Brooklyn-based warehouse for their pre-show performance at the VMAs, no one was realistically forecasting any musical bombshells from Swedish House Mafia beyond them playing out “It Gets Better” and “Lifetime” just as they did on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In typical, unpredictable Swedish House Mafia fashion, the performance didn’t end there. The Swedes capped things off with a 25-second sliver of an impending mega-crossover with none other than The Weeknd, summoning instant chaos across Twitter as well as the trio’s subreddit and discord channel. One month and a handful of teasers later, Swedish House Mafia’s hall-of-fame worthy alliance alongside The Weeknd has been let loose as “Moth To A Flame” becomes the third tracklist member of Paradise Again.

Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd on a shared title didn’t happen as a coincidence by any stretch of the imagination. When the Swedes inked a new management deal with Sal Slaiby back in April, the concept quickly adjusted from an improbable longshot to a meeting that seemed all but guaranteed. Right off the bat, the artwork for “Moth To A Flame” is a treasure in itself, with The Weeknd sleekly posed as the Swedes’ trademark three dots are subtly scattered on his sunglasses. Saying that a collaboration is a dead-on split isn’t something that can be claimed about a majority of them nowadays, but Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd painlessly balance each other out from the second that the first chords strike and the latter’s already iconic opening line hits. “Moth To A Flame” truly feels like Swedish House Mafia’s golden house touch of the 2010s properly molded into modern times alongside The Weekend’s stamp of untouchable vocal work, amounting to another invaluable, necessary leap in the trio’s musical evolution that hopefully further quiets those who continue to unjustifiably plead for a second coming of “Greyhound” or “Don’t You Worry Child,” which Sebastian Ingrosso confirmed they’d left behind on Paradise Again. If Swedish House Mafia hadn’t already done so at Ultra 2018, on their brief reunion campaign in 2019, or with their first pair of album singles this past July, “Moth To A Flame”—along with the jaw-dropping reveal that they’ll return to Coachella in 2022—is the Swedes’ surefire response to any ambiguity surrounding them “being back” from a larger audience that expectedly hasn’t been paying as close of attention to the group’s reunion narrative from the past three-plus years.

If “Moth To A Flame” wasn’t enough Swedish House Mafia activity for a single week, the Paradise Again tour—which had already been confirmed in Billboard’s original masterwork of an article—is officially in play as well. On top of the Coachella reveal, the Swedes started to have their name appear throughout venues and cities around the world in the past week, including Metlife Stadium just outside of New York, London, Amsterdam, San Diego, Chicago, and Miami’s FTX Arena among countless others. To pair alongside the single’s release, Swedish House Mafia have disclosed the entire schedule for their coinciding album run, their first worldwide campaign since “One Last Tour.” Tickets go on sale on October 29 and more information—including an album CD that ships next April—can be found here.


Swedish House Mafia kindle ‘Moth To A Flame’ with The Weeknd, announce ‘Paradise Again’ album tourImage004



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