Massive Attack launch plan to help fight climate change misinformationMassiveattack Credit The Independent

Massive Attack launch plan to help fight climate change misinformation

Massive Attack‘s 3D (real name Robert Del Naja) is teaming up with Eco-Bot.Net to launch an AI system designed to fight climate change misinformation spread on social media. The producer sat down with Creative Review to share more information about the new AI system.

The service aims to find content that may be misinformed across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The data then gets flagged as a health warning, similar to what pops up when sharing information regarding COVID-19. On his motivation for helping create the system, Del Naja said,

“In terms of the way it’s propagating on social media, it’s frightening. When we ask Facebook what their response is to some of the information we’re picking up, some of the data we’re finding, they always refer to the fact checkers. But who are the fact checkers? How experienced are they as journalists in recognizing that political lobbying manipulation, which masquerades as ads or … as a concern about your consumer choices or your pocket or your fiscal security? When really, somebody is blatantly lobbying on behalf of transnationals.”

As Massive Attack, Del Naja has also been cognizant in being a proponent for climate change. The duo shared their detailed plan to reduce carbon emissions during live shows in September, with a detailed report highlighting how the live music sector can effectively meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

“It’s been very frustrating to have to be the artist that has to speak out against the nature of some of the partnerships we’re seeing on the back pages of the festival brochures…So it’s something we’ve been very aware of.”

Via: Creative Review

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