Astro Arcade: 3LAU to auction 100% of the rights to his newest song ‘WAVEFORM’3laulive

Astro Arcade: 3LAU to auction 100% of the rights to his newest song ‘WAVEFORM’

Astro Arcade is where the intersection of esports, gaming, technology, and music comes alive. Few things go better together than electronic music and this digital universe, so whether it is a game soundtrack by our favorite artists or a virtual in-game concert series, Astro Arcade is here to keep players and listeners alike informed as these worlds continue to collide.

On the heels of releasing the world’s first “fan-owned song,” 3LAU is making history again. This time, it’s through the release of his newest song “WAVEFORM,” which will be auctioned through global leading auction house Christie’s as part of its Art Basel NFT collection. Christie’s will be auctioning the rights to the song in addition to an accompanying physical piece, a 3D sculpture of the song’s waveform. This piece is powered by Royal, a blockchain-based music investment platform founded by 3LAU.

Bidding starts on December 4 and ends on the 7, all via NFT marketplace OpenSea. The winning bidder will receive 100% of the rights to the song including full master recording and publishing rights. The gives the owner the rights to edit, remix, rename, and release “WAVEFORM” in its current state or as later modified by the buyer. Those looking to learn more or find out how to bid on the piece can find more information here.

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