The Chainsmokers cut the fabric on road to fourth album—stream ‘High’Ultrasa19b 082

The Chainsmokers cut the fabric on road to fourth album—stream ‘High’

Consider the rollout for The Chainsmokers‘ fourth studio album officially underway. Out now via Disruptor Records comes “High,” the long-awaited conclusion to Drew Taggart and Alex Pall’s two-year-plus hiatus from original productions. The guitar-driven, angsty lead single from the forthcoming project is the The Chainsmokers’ first original since they dispatched their junior LP, World War Joy, in December of 2019.

It’s worth noting that Taggart and Alex Pall officially concluded their musical dry spell on the cusp of the new year with two covers; the first was an out-of-the-blue cover of Bon Iver’s 2011 take on Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 hit “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Shortly thereafter, on January 18, the decorated duo imparted yet another cover, this time of THE ANXIETY, Willow, and Tyler Cole’s chart-topping single, “Meet Me At Our Spot.” Partially framed as gifts for their fans’ long-enduring patience during The Chainsmokers’ hiatus, both offerings remain exclusive to the production pair’s SoundCloud page.

Although “High” is still fundamentally reflective of The Chainsmokers sound, it encapsulates fresh elements from pop-punk influences and hip-hop soundscapes. Stream The Chainsmokers’ debut original work of 2022 below.

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