Netsky and Montell2099 partner for ‘Broken’  via 541 (N.E.W.S)Netsky Montell2099 Press Photo

Netsky and Montell2099 partner for ‘Broken’ via 541 (N.E.W.S)

Netsky and Montell2099 meet on 541 (N.E.W.S) for their latest collaborative endeavor, “Broken.” The joint effort is their follow-up to “Emotions,” taken from Netsky’s fourth studio album, Second Nature, which was released via Hospital Records in 2020. Since first meeting a few years ago, their friendship has blossomed into collaborations and joint performances on stages across the globe. 

The drum ‘n’ bass-centered track starts off softly, with vocals that guide the initial melody. The lyrics “love don’t live here anymore..” immediately set the stage for the heartbreak anthem. A mellow-yet-rich sound is present throughout the song, but quickly leads into a synth-driven break that once again pushes the theme of lost love. Raw authenticity and honesty shine through the piece, which holds strong replay value, reinforcing the power of relatable, lyric-focused electronic productions.

Featuring entrancing melodies, hypnotic vocals, and Netsky and Montell2099’s signature pumping basslines, “Broken” is a must-have at festivals and clubs alike. 

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