ODESZA surprise release second comeback single, ‘Better Now’ with MAROEcQ TYQAIjWTm

ODESZA surprise release second comeback single, ‘Better Now’ with MARO

While there was no question about it before, we’re truly in ODESZA season. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight had broken a four-year release intermission—under their main handle—with their Betty LaVette-sampled comeback single “The Last Goodbye” in early February, and the Foreign Family heads are not letting a full month pass before tacking on a second release from their all-but-confirmed fourth LP.

A studio video—similar to the one shared in the days leading up to “The Last Goodbye”—was discovered by members of the duo’s official discord server on March 1, soundtracked by what could have only been an unreleased ODESZA production and with a video file tag of “So What If I Fall.” ODESZA have now quickly put any speculation to bed, surprising releasing that very track with a new name of “Better Now”—which is grouped together on streaming platforms with “The Last Goodbye”—alongside a set of sublime vocals from MARO. With one listen, “Better Now” proves to be further confirmation that ODESZA are in prime form thus far and leading us all to believe that the best is still yet to come.

Stream ODESZA’s second comeback single below.

Featured image: Julian Bajsel

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