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Lane 8 signals start of the year’s hottest season on 46-track ‘Summer 2022 Mixtape’

Some might’ve already been observing the summer season for the past week but for the dance music world, June 29 officially signals the start of the year’s hottest season. That green light to the new season comes at the hands of who else but Lane 8, who popped back onto social media to unload a dose of serotonin with his staple “i made you a new mixtape” caption.

Rooted on “a bunch of music I’ve enjoyed playing at [his] recent festival shows,” Lane 8’s “Summer 2022 Mixtape” clocks in at just shy of three hours and comes fully stocked with nine IDs to track in the coming months. And the This Never Happened boss’ 46-part second seasonal installment of the year expectedly opens with the first of those nine IDs before turning to Swedish House Mafia‘s “For You“—also including “Time” later on—before rinsing Robby East’s “Fragments,” Cassian‘s “On My Knees” rework, Spada’s “North Sea,” Le Youth and Gordi’s “Hang On,” his own Anjunadeeep 13 single with Rae Morris, Anti Up‘s “Chromatic,” Yotto‘s “Moving On,” Jamie xx‘s “LET’S DO IT AGAIN,” and a finale with HAAi and Jon Hopkin’s “Babe, We’re Ascending.” And if you’ve read this far, keep an eye on our Instagram in the next week or so for something related to Lane 8’s Forest Hills date on July 16.

Enjoy the first day of summer with Lane 8’s newest mixtape via Apple Music as well as SoundCloud below.

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