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Seven Lions announces debut album ‘Beyond the Veil,’ delivers lead single with So Below

Seven Lions‘ long and illustrious career is well documented, perhaps more so now than ever before. In June, both a documentary series and compilation album were put out via his very own Ophelia Records imprint in celebration of his artistic journey reaching the decade milestone. The docuseries walks through everything from the creation of Seven Lions’ alias to a life-changing moment of winning Above & Beyond‘s “You Got To Let Go” remix contest to the creation of his own independent record label. But throughout all of that, it felt like what wasn’t discussed during mini-documentary is now proving to be the single biggest moment in Seven Lions’ decade-long career.

Considering the sheer amount of that Seven Lions has accomplished in his career—and it’s quite a lot—he’s yet to do one thing: release an album. Yes, there’s been a countless number of EPs along the way like 2012’s Days To Come, 2014’s Worlds Apart, and more recently 2020’s Find Another Way. But none of those releases were able to check that full-length LP box off for him. That is, until now.

As soon as Seven Lions finished celebrating the past, it was time to look ahead to the future. And the first signal of that came when he wiped his entire Instagram. Anyone’s reasonable guess as to what that exactly meant could’ve only been an announcement of immeasurable proportions. But what that was going to be exactly still remained a question mark. After a string of cryptic posts that sent fans into a frenzy while trying to decipher what the melodic dubstep kid was plotting, Beyond the Veil was officially announced to be the name of his debut album, set for release on October 21. And 48 hours later, the existence of its lead single “Every Time” with So Below was disclosed ahead of its July 29 release, giving music-hungry fans the first taste of what’s to come.

“Every Time” is nothing short of a towering feat in melodic dubstep, the genre that many credit Seven Lions with pioneering throughout the early 2010s. And some may immediately recognize it to be the ID he debuted during his EDC Las Vegas set back in May. Standing at a runtime of five minutes and 42 seconds, “Every Time” is simply a glorious piece of Seven Lions music, featuring quintessentially long builds as well as both undeniably euphoric dubstep and gritty dubstep. Paired with So Below’s haunting vocals—which truly fits so perfectly inside Seven Lions’ production—”Every Time” feels like its own unique story in the grander story that Seven Lions has still yet to fully tell.

The Beyond the Veil tracklist still remains uncertain at the time of writing, although there’s numerous IDs that have rightfully come up in speculation, including both Seven Lions’ respective IDs with REZZ and Lights from Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of the year list. And regardless of what tracks eventually end up on the album, “Every Time” has enough strength as a lead single to prove that Beyond the Veil all the makings to be a generational dance music album. Only time will tell if that rings true, but after more than a decade of waiting, these next few months will fly by.

Featured image: Seven Lions/Instagram

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