Hardwell turns Ultra closing ID into second-to-last album single, ‘SELF DESTRUCT’Screen Shot 2022 08 25 At 8.20.53 PM

Hardwell turns Ultra closing ID into second-to-last album single, ‘SELF DESTRUCT’

With every passing Rebels Never Die single, it becomes more surreal to think about the fact that the rollout is on its last legs. But that has zero implications regarding the end of Hardwell‘s new music onslaught, considering the album’s deluxe expansion will likely follow soon thereafter. Exactly five months have now come and gone since Hardwell made his grand reintroduction at Bayfront Park, and with his album tour currently in full swing—with a date at Ushuaïa Ibiza having just passed and an evening with Creamfields next up on the calendar on August 28—his United We Are sequel is receiving its 13th tracklist part, “SELF DESTRUCT.”

Better known as the ID that Hardwell purposed to say his final goodbyes with at Ultra’s 2022 homecoming, “SELF DESTRUCT” was a more than fitting way to finalize what many—including us—claimed to be the set of the festival back in March. Some might’ve noticed that the “SELF DESTRUCT” tempo is a touch slower than they remember from its original form, but Hardwell maintains every ounce of faultlessness that it did in Miami. Rife with glitchy cuts, a marathon progression, and even the notorious ’90s Dial-Up Modem sound, “SELF DESTRUCT” is simply another case study of Hardwell’s bigroom-techno crossbred that’s remained so universally revered. With the Rebels Never Die eponymous number now on the release clock, stream “SELF DESTRUCT” below and watch Dancing Astronaut‘s Twitter for videos from his Creamfields set.

Featured image: Ushuaïa Ibiza

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