DJ Sliiink drops ‘Bricks to the 6’ EPScreenshot 2023 09 11 At 7.28.42 PM

DJ Sliiink drops ‘Bricks to the 6’ EP

Jersey Club pioneer DJ Sliink’s latest “Bricks To The 6” takes his iconic sound to a new dimension.

This isn’t just another EP of club heat; it’s a collision of Jersey Club, with its relentless beats and Toronto’s soulful harmonies. Together with SAFE, Bandmanrill and Sha EK, ‘Bricks to the 6’ brings Newark’s edge to Drake’s zip code.

The EP’s flagship single “Warrior” sits at the end of the record but the collaboration with SAFE stands out as the freshest of the lot. The rest of the EP – “In the Night” “Jiggiest in Jerz Reloaded” “On Bro” “Real Hips 2” are all wild collisions between the two styles, with Sliink’s trademark style driving the EP’s elevatred pulse. The whole affair is raucous and bombastic but at the heart of “Bricks To The 6” is the wild synergy of sounds

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