Where My Head’s At: Tommy TrashL

Where My Head’s At: Tommy Trash

“Where My Head’s At” is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that gives readers a quick glimpse into an editor’s personal music tastes and how they developed. Subject matter will be all over the map, but we want to let you get a feel for individual editors, and where their heads are at.

To me, for someone to be considered a “pioneer” in the EDM world, they have to produce distinct and advanced sounds that trigger my musical sensations and passions in ways that other artists have never done before. Tommy Trash is truly one-of-a-kind that already meets those expectations. That’s not to say that there aren’t many pioneers who have revolutionized house music and elicited my love for EDM — because there are. However, Tommy Trash (AKA Thomas Olsen) has, and still continues to genuinely revolutionize the electro-house sub-genre release after release. How, you may ask? That’s an easy question. In the past seven months alone, he’s produced ten unparalleled remixes and originals that have achieved sky-high success — and the Beatport charts back that up too. In just under a year, Tommy Trash has managed to capture my musical attention and I think he’s destined to capture yours too. Keep reading to find out why.

There is no energy crisis in Tommy’s world. Pure energy is one variable that is consistent in every single release from the Aussie. Take for example “The End,” Trash’s breakthrough track that instantly boosted his production reputation this past April when SHM started playing it in live sets. Since then, the track has popped up in countless sets from the world’s top DJS who can’t resit its exotic instruments and over-the-top energy that can bring a set to its peak when it reaches the epic drop. Similarly, his remixes to John Dahlback’s “One Last Ride” and Grant Smillie’s “Carry Me Home” have the ability to make crowds instantly erupt wherever, whenever. Tommy Trash’s music contains all the right elements to make crowds rage, and in my opinion he’s help put electro-house on the map.

Tommy is the kind of artist fearless enough to tackle any musical genre but consistently pump out a version bigger and better than the original. The rock tune “Summer Of Love” by The Immigrant, “We Feel Love”, and “Edge Of The Earth” are all prime examples of originals that were practically left unnoticed since Mr. Olsen released his remixes. Being a relative newcomer to the scene, the attention he’s garnered for his remixes of big tracks like EDX’s “Falling Out Of Love,” and Dirty South & Thomas Gold’s “Alive,” has been truly impressive.

I recently began thinking I may have been overestimating Tommy Trash’s capabilities since his productions were primarily remixes, “The End” being his only noteworthy original. I was proven very wrong when Trash’s most recent mind-blowing originals, “Future Folk” and “Blair Bitch Project” were released. Tommy infused these two tracks with even more energy than “The End” — which happened to get it all started. After portraying his dominance and revolutionary skills with electro-house, Tommy Trash went the extra mile to combine electro and progressive styles further showcasing why he is truly the man. Progressive house will always be one step above electro in my book, but at least I have Tommy to make the transition easier.

So where’s your head at?!

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