Deadmau5 Finager

Deadmau5 at Bill Graham Civic Center SF 10.29.2011: 5 Tracks You Better Have By Now

Deadmau5 is a showman. The visuals and energy he brings to a crowd can only be matched by a select few DJs in the industry. Tommy Lee, DJ Aero, Feed Me, A-Trak, and Fatboy Slim were all featured on the lineup, needless to say, it was an event you couldn’t miss. Keep in mind that this event was on the Saturday before Halloween. What does this mean? Costumes add intensity and passion into any party (and they are flat out sexy assuming you are female).

We like to compare Mau5 to a fine bottle of wine, you’ve really got to have refined tastes in order to truly appreciate the unique sounds he creates and what he has does for house music in general. He has personally brought up signature DJs such as Skrillex and Feed Me who are now big players in the game to say the least. But enough about Deadmau5′ resume – let’s dive into the 5 tracks that will leave a lasting memory of an exciting event (ranked in order of anthem-ness).

1. Deadmau5 – Strobe (Original Extended Mix)

Every knows that this is one of his signature tracks. What separated this tune from the pack is the way it was presented to the crowd. First off, it was the last track he played that night. The visuals combined Pac-Man, the Mario Brothers, and a few other old school Nintendo games to create a nice blend of excitement and the element of the unknown. This was the perfect way to go out, huge track, combined with a sweet clap countdown got the crowd engaged and desperate for more. The ending was even more brilliant – “GAME OVER” flashed across the screen as Deadmau5 walked off stage and into the night. Check out how the visuals were made for the Meowingtons Hax Tour in this video.

2. Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff (Original Mix)


3. Deadmau5 – Where My Keys (Original Mix)

This was the first track he played that garnered some serious attention. Not only is it easily identifiable, but it’s also relatively knew and was one of his bigger releases this year. You can get lost in the subtle yet elegant sounds that are scattered throughout the track. This is pleasant to listen to on your headphones, but even better live.

4. Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs A Ladder (Original Mix)

This was big because Sofi was dressed up in a space suit and actually performed this live. Not only did she look smoking hot, but the energy surrounding her was fantastic to say least. One of the most memorable moments of Mau5′ entire set was when she came out from behind the stage – the crowd collectively lost their shit, and that is an understatement.

5. Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights (Original Mix)

One of the biggest tunes of 2010, the funky sounds and playful bassline on “Animal Rights” are made to get people jumping up and down. What really separated this for us was that people were going nuts as Deadmau5 started to tease the song approximately a minute before he actually dropped it. Sounds like a winner to us.

Photos were taken from Deadmau5 and SOFI Philadelphia event