Funkagenda at Santos Party House: 5 tracks you need to know

The last time we were at Santos Party House, we saw Fareoh perform for a crowded, but hardly packed club; fast forward only a few months later and the club we entered Saturday night may as well have been a completely different place. Large silver balloons spelling “Funkagenda” floated overhead of an empty space where the DJ booth that housed Fareoh once stood. In order to accommodate the “Electric Beach Party’s” increased popularity the equipment had to be relocated to a small raised section that overlooked the VIP. With a stacked lineup extending to the end of March, Santos Party House is quickly re-establishing itself as one of the premiere Saturday night spots for dance music in NYC.

What seemed to be a spacious dance floor back in October was now packed to the brim with college coeds and young professionals, many of whom were taken by surprise when Funkagenda started spinning at 1:30am. As he climbed behind the decks and began performing his unique blend of house tracks, you could feel the the energy in the club shift, as it quickly transformed to match the tribal and tech groove of Funkagenda’s 2 hour set.

Get funked by the 5 tracks you need know after the break.

Funkagenda – Splinter (Original Mix)

In our opinion, “Splinter” was the standout track of the night –  the art of rewarding builds and elegant drops seems to be disappearing but Funkagenda does it with ease on this track. The energy builds slowly and steadily before it leads into an intense climax followed by a funk and siren-filled breakdown. We dare you not to dance.

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Funkagenda – Budgie (Original Mix)

The minute “Budgie’s” dark, tribal beat came blaring through the speakers the energy in the club immediately changed. The packed dance floor moved in unison as the percussion-laden track infected the crowd with its gritty, tech-fueled groove.

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Funkagenda – Shinjuku (Original Mix)

Given away for free on his soundcloud when he reached 50,000 followers, “Shinjuku” marked a milestone for Funkagenda’s career. This track received the remix treatment from some insanely talented producers, but the original continues to be our favorite. It’s upbeat vibe brought the club back to life before it launched guests into a frenzy after the first epic drop.

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Michael Woods – The Last Day on Earth (Instrumental Mix)

As the night progressed, Funkagenda moved away from his tech house roots and into more progressive fare when he played Michael Woods’ “White Sky.” From the moment we heard this track at Electric Zoo we have been waiting patiently for its release. Sadly we are stuck with radio rips until “White Sky” sees the light of day.  This one is an anthem in the making.

The Loops of Fury – I Need (Original Mix)

Every so often a song comes along that has the ability to knock you flat on your ass,  leaving you shocked and gasping for breath — “I Need” is one of those tracks.  Its sing-a-long chorus is accompanied by a massive sawtooth bass line that sucker punches you right in the gut the second the bass drops.  With intricate breaks and The Loops of Fury’s effortless incorporation of various styles “I Need” is more of a journey than just a simple song.

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