Exclusive preview: Henrik B & Rudy’s ‘Leave A Light On’ (with NO_ID remix)

We’ve just received an exclusive trailer for the next release on Axtone: Henrik B & Rudy’s “Leave A Light On.” The track is easy-listening house music through and through, with a nice soft build and lyrics that should be quite easy to sing along to. You may remember Rudy from his previous vocal work on little tracks like “In The Air,” “Phazing,” and “Diamonds In The Sky” — and his voice works well with Henrik B’s soft blend of EDM.

In addition to the original mix, we’re also given a teaser of NO_ID’s take on the track, which brings in some harder sounds and a drop that sounds eerily familiar to “How R U Feeling Right Now.” It changes up some of the elements of course, but we’d like to see a little bit more versatility in NO_ID’s tracks. Of course, this is just a preview so we don’t get to hear the whole thing — but that will change when both versions are released on April 23rd through Axtone.

Update: Henrik B hit us up on Facebook to let us know that it’s an edit of the original mix. Noted!

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