Martin Solveig gives away live orchestral version of ‘The Night Out’

Once you’ve thought Martin Solveig had done it all for his The Night Out EP – enlisting A-Trak and Madeon for remixes – the Frenchman is steamrolling with more quality material. Solveig headed to one of Paris’ most mythical studios, Studio Ferber, to rerecord “The Night Out” using a full 25-piece orchestra and himself as lead singer. The live session was recorded on video for fans to witness the transformation of electronic music into beautiful sounds created by real instruments. Solveig explains his exclusive production, saying, “The Night Out is actually the first single ever I perform as the lead singer and I wanted to do something I had never done before – recording a song in live conditions and exploring new studio experiences.” The organic and orchestral version worked out so well that the producer is offering up the mp3 for free on his SoundCloud.

Download: Here

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