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Qulinez discusses ‘Troll,’ SIZE Records, and their unique name in exclusive DA interview

Size Records boasts some of the best releases in progressive house with an overwhelmingly talented roster supporting head honcho Steve Angello. Newcomers Qulinez bursted onto the scene with Size through their literal and figurative monster that we know as “Troll.” Since the game’s biggest players have endorsed what has become one of the most energetic tracks of late, Alexander and Johannes have not showed any signs of slowing down, having released remixes of “A Heavy Abacus” and “Silent Shadows.” So early on they’ve managed to trademark their “whiney” synth work and ability to magnify productions for an instantly recognizable sound. We had the chance to interview the Swedish youngsters to speak about their early days in the EDM spotlight. Read below the break for the exclusive interview.

Can you talk about getting discovered by and signing with Steve Angello?

We made the track “Troll” and send it to the Size demo mail, after some weeks we got a mail from Steve Angello. He wanted to sign the track, and he [said he] would like to listen to some more tracks we made, so we send him some. So later he wanted to sign us like an artist for Size.

Feels so crazy to be one of the artist for Size, because Size has always been our favorite record label. So when we got signed it was hard to believe, like a dream coming true!

How did the production of ‘Troll’ come together and did you expect the instant success?

We had an idea about a track we would like to do. The idea was to make a track with [a] chill, beautiful, and mystic sound that got a heavy and [had a] crazy drop. We didn’t expect that Troll would be so big. Everything went so fast, it’s hard to understand.

To have Steve with us, [has] helped us a lot! So we’re really happy to be in the Size family.

Qulinez – Troll (Original Mix)

What came first for you guys, producing or DJing?

We started to produce our own music first and have always been interested in DJing. [We thought it was fun so] we started with that too.

It’s so fun to produce a track and then later play it in front of a lot of people and see them dance to it.

How has being a duo opposed to an individual artist changed the dynamic in the studio?

The best thing of being a duo is that both [of us] have different ideas that we can use and combine to make a track. Sometimes one of us gets the melody and the other one gets the drop thing or drum ideas, etc. There are a lot of late nights in the studio working on tracks. A lot of coffee making, like 7/24.

We are like brothers, so our studio work goes quite easy.

What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far?

Of course when we got the first mail from Steve Angello, but also our time in Miami / WMC. We love that place! So many party people, artists, nice places, and hot girls everywhere!

Everyone is there for the music and have a good time. It was awesome to meet the Size team and talk to them, great guys!

The Joy Formidable – A Heavy Abacus (Qulinez Remix)

You’ve chose an interesting name, “Qulinez,” where did that come from and what is the correct pronunciation?

Hehe it’s actually just a random name and you pronounce it “Q-Lines” / “Cue Lines.” We know it been a hard time to understand how to pronounce it.

How has the production process changed for you from being on your own to being on a huge record label like Size?

Well, the music productions are still the same as before, but now we get a lot of help to get our music out to the people now.
Signing with Size and [becoming] a member of the family has always been a dream, so that has given us even more justification.

What is your ultimate goal for your first year in the business?

We want to play as much as we can all over the world. We’re already playing at Tomorrowland main stage and a lot of more festivals. We think that it’s going to be a great 2012…. Just do what we love to do and perform and share it with the EDM-people.

Can you talk about any upcoming productions that you’ve finished or are working on?

We got some new cool tracks finished and working on some collabs and remixes, but it’s still a secret. ;)

Don Diablo – Silent Shadows (Qulinez Remix)

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