Free download: Hardwell releases 13-track bootleg pack to celebrate 200k Twitter followers

At this point it’s almost a rite of passage: one of the world’s mega DJs hits a major new milestone on Twitter or Facebook, and they show their appreciation for their fans by giving away some form of free download. Well, Hardwell is the latest DJ to join this club, providing his 200,000+ fans a massive bootleg pack in return for their continued support. He’s even been gracious enough to provide Dancing Astronaut readers the chance to download all thirteen of them first. A few of the selections will be familiar to you (“Bong Into Darkness,” for example), but the pack is full of new, interesting takes on many of the songs we’ve been hearing for months now — “Trolltanium” and “Cineman” for example. Regardless, hit the download below to juice up your iTunes with some fresh new selections from the one and only Hardwell. Oh, and show him some love on Twitter or Facebook if you like what he’s put together.

Free Download

PS. If you haven’t downloaded Hardwell’s first bootleg pack of 2012 then you have a lot of catching up to do.

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