Madeon – Finale (Original Mix)Madeon

Madeon – Finale (Original Mix)

It has certainly been a quick and monstrous year for the young and masterful Madeon. Not only has he released huge hits like “Icarus” and his “Raise Your Weapon” remix, but the Frenchman has portrayed his immense talents on the decks during his debut at Ultra and EDC NY this past year. Using his one-of-a-kind production style Madeon’s “Finale” exemplifies how mature the young man’s sound is getting with each consecutive release. Although the track is more down tempo, its intricate melodies, motivating vocals, and surges of powerful drum work make “Finale” a track that could really be played in any type of venue. Madeon’s potential is limitless and we are excited to see him next week at Identity and Pacha NYC, as well as continue to grow as the prodigy most of us believe him to be.

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