Seven Lions – Days To Come (Coyote Kisses Cover)Seven Lions Coyote Kisses Cover

Seven Lions – Days To Come (Coyote Kisses Cover)

A healthy blend of cloudstep, spacerock, and glitterpunk, the Coyote Kisses’ cover of Seven Lions is a mellifluous and multifarious symphony of sound.  Between Bryce’s classical piano training and Sussingham’s guilty pleasure guitar riffs, Coyote Kisses transformed “Days To Come” into nothing short of a Headphone concerto. The adaptation focused on incorporating live instrumentation so it seemed only natural to deem it a cover. These Coyotes are fresh off snatching the top prize in Mad Decent’s “Titan” remix contest this September, and are leading the pack in Seven Lions’ Beatport contest. If you enjoy the glitterstep, don’t forget to cast your vote.

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