Watch This: Pan-Pot Back To Back – The Documentary

German techno duo Pan-Pot’s most recent EP White Fiction is still on heavy rotation on our various msuic players, but what we have not yet mentioned to you, our adoring readers, is the very well-produced documentary that came along with the EP’s release back at the end of last year. Pan-Pot might not be a name quite as well-known to some of us stateside, but it is clear from this documentary they are a massive force to be reckoned globally.

The documentary, available on YouTube in seven chapters, is directed by MTV’s Sebastian Radlmeier. The cameras follow Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix for the entirety of their twelve month European tour and interview key influencers, collaborators, and pick the minds of the duo themselves. If you already know you love the completely spooky and often jaw-dropping sound Pan-Pot produces, this is a must watch. If you’re even slightly curious about a scene outside of your normal range of familiarity, we’re pretty sure you’ll find this interesting too.

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