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Quintino at Marquee NY: 5 tracks you need to know

Quintino escaped his college tour with Tiësto and Tommy Trash last Saturday to headline his own gig at New York City’s revamped Marquee. From a stadium to a nightclub, he arrived at Marquee for his 1am set after treating fans in Philadelphia earlier in the night. There hasn’t been a time slot or setting that I haven’t seen Quintino perform in, be it afternoon or late night, 6PM or 6AM, festival or lounge, every time I see him he never fails to bring his A-game.

And that’s exactly what he brought to Marquee, evident immediately with the choice to open with his forthcoming Tiësto remix. Quintino sported his own productions and tracks that reflect the same sound, unreleased music that included upcoming Afrojack material and, per usual, edgy remixes of naturally mainstream fare to command a nightclub.

Tiësto - Chasing Summers (R3hab & Quintino Remix)

Tiësto has opened many of sets with “Chasing Summers,” so it was only right that Quintino opened with his remix for it. In cohorts with R3hab, Quintino has transformed the original into a brand new arrangement of sounds that deliver a brand new experience. The remix is due March 5th and based on the reactions from New Yorkers, should be a staple for Miami Music Week — where Quintino is slated to play pool parties and Ultra stages.

Avicii – Silhouettes (Disco Fries Remix)

Early moments into the set, Salem Al Fakir’s hook for Avicii’s “Silhouettes” took hold, but the vibes that had already been shaped made it obvious that Quintino wouldn’t be playing that original record. Between dancing, singing and socializing, I didn’t have a second to ponder which remix was about to be unleashed, but it turned out to be none that I could’ve expected.

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Afrojack – Air Guitar (Live Rip)

Paying homage to Jacked partner Afrojack, Quintino offered fans a live listening experience for one of Ultra’s 2013 anthems. “Air Guitar” is Afrojack’s next release, the second from his debut album,a track that embodies a two-faced electronic attitude with soaring melody and gritty grunge.

Firebeatz – Miniman (Original Mix)

Assaulting the crowd of Marquee with bulky yet masterfully woven electro house, Quintino found drops to replicate the energy he provides in his own productions. Firebeatz’s miniman was a unanimous favorite with a style that could’ve been mistaken for one of the many unidentified, future releases.

Jacob Plant – Shakedown (Original Mix)

Blitzing his CDJs and rumbling the brand new dance floor, Quintino turned to Jacob Plant’s “Shakedown” to do exactly that. Building anticipation and harnessing energy, the drop took Marquee’s finest from dancing to having to hold tight without dropping to the ground. Drinks may have been spilled, but no one was harmed in the process.

Photo Credit: Pearcey Proper

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