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Funkagenda lends his abilities to official Zedd ‘Clarity’ remix package

The train of official “Clarity” remixes began two days ago with the unveiling of Tiësto’s “Clarity” remix to a lukewarm response. It continued yesterday with a trap remix from Brillz, a menacing house spin from Torro Torro, and a progressive/electro house remix from Felix Cartal. And now, it’s reached its potentially most awesome point yet: a heavy progressive house rendition from the masterful hands of Funkagenda.

The first minute consists of a budding, anxious energy, but when that dark, pulsating beat drops, you’ll understand why Funkagenda is one of the most well-respected house producers in the industry. The preview ends all too quickly with a grandiose halftime section, which presumably (and hopefully) leads to another sinister, thumping drop. In regards to the track, Funkagenda writes: “Probably one of the best remixes I have ever done.” Funkagenda’s remix will be released on February 12th as part of the official “Clarity” remix package.

Now that you’ve heard the entirety of the official remixes, which one is your favorite?

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