Daft Punk release lead single ‘Get Lucky,’ officially christen their comebackDaft Punk Get Lucky 122

Daft Punk release lead single ‘Get Lucky,’ officially christen their comeback

Delete those bootlegs immediately. Trash those DJ No Name extended edits. They will never be played again, because Daft Punk is back and this is the real deal.

For the first time in eight long years, the French robots have released a single that was not written for a Disney movie. After weeks of teasing with tantalizing clips at Coachella and snippets on Saturday Night Live, Daft Punk has finally dropped Random Access Memories‘ lead single “Get Lucky” on an expectant world. There’s not much that hasn’t already been written about the track that has abused so many YouTube replay buttons. Pharrell has never sounded better. Nile Rodgers has never looked happier. The robots have never been a more welcome sight.

Much has changed in Daft Punk’s eight years of self-imposed exile. Dance music overpowered America and nearly every hallmark of the duo’s image, stage show, and sound has been imitated and adopted by a new generation of electronic music megastars. Even Daft Punk’s own methods have changed, as they eschewed digital wizardry for analog synthesizers and trademark sampling for session musicians on the new album. But one listen to “Get Lucky” is all it takes to realize the truth in the old cliché: some things never do change. Simply stated, no other act can challenge Daft Punk’s relentless brand of robo-funk. “Get Lucky” is a jaw-dropping return to form by two of the best in the business, and they make it appear exceedingly effortless.

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