Four Tet – Pyramid (Atoms for Peace Remix)Four Tet Pink

Four Tet – Pyramid (Atoms for Peace Remix)

My favorite remixes are those of which the characters of its creators shine through. There may be no greater character on the experimental electronic landscape than Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, who recently teamed with fellow Atoms for Peace producer Nigel Godrich to remix Four Tet‘s standout song, “Pyramid,” under his supergroup’s moniker.

The nearly eight-minute reinterpretation progresses from glitched out vocal snippets over a patient throbbing bass to an off-kilter doom jam with the addition of frenetic shuffling percussion in the “Idioteque” vein. Godrich’s haunting atmospherics lend the track the harmonic grounding it needs to allow Thom’s trademark eccentricities to take flight in the schizophrenic second half. This complementary creative interplay between two key members of the Radiohead braintrust is the fundamental reason why this remix is, as Four Tet took to Twitter to call it, “so f*cking good.”

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