Good Morning Mix: Pete Tong’s own Essential Mix 2/12/1994Pete Tong

Good Morning Mix: Pete Tong’s own Essential Mix 2/12/1994

It isn’t often that Pete Tong takes to the decks of his own Essential Mix but back in 1994 the estimable DJ and voice of dance music for the last two decades put together two hours of thumping house jams for the iconic show. Considered classics now, Pete’s two hour mix is a trip back to 1994 and represents the sound of dance in its infancy. House in its purest form past icons like Roc & Kato, Sound of Blackness, Degrees of Motion and Renegade Legion all make appearances here. There may not be any massive drops or anthemic vocals present but for what it lacks in 2013 levels of hype-focused energy it more than makes up for in gripping grooves.

Tracklist after break.

1. T-Empo – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Out On Vinyl)
2. Mary J Blige – Reminisce (MCA)
3. Robin S – I Wanna Thank You (Champion)
4. Sounds Of Blackness – I Believe (A&M)
5. Michael Watford – Michael’s Prayer (Eastwest)
6. Degrees Of Motion – Shine On (FFRR)
7. Eternal – Just A Step (EMI)
8. Sure Is Pure – Out To Lunch EP (Vinyl Solution)
9. Roc & Kato – Jungle Kisses (Slip ‘N’ Slide)
10. Bjork – Violently Happy (One Little Indian)
11. Hedningarna – Kruspolska (White Label)
12. La Tour – Blue (Blunted Vinyl)
13. Boy George – Generations Of Love (Virgin)
14. Sultana – Te Amo (UCR)
15. The O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Cheeky)
16. RAF – Take Me Higher (Media)
17. Peter Parker – Wow & Flutter (Deaf Dumb Blind)
18. JX – Sun Of A Gun (Hooj Choons)
19. The Patrol – Give It Up (Energy)
20. Eddy – Someday (Acetate)
21. Loveland – Let The Music (Eastern Bloc)
22. Jark Prongon – Complete Control (Fresh Fruit)
23. Sublime – TGV (Limbo)
24. The Aloof – Mind (Acetate)
25. Renegade Legion – The Weeping Waste (FNAC)

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