Jack Beats unloads discography on Electric ZooJack Beats Main 1

Jack Beats unloads discography on Electric Zoo

With the afternoon heat in full force, Jack Beats took the stage on the 360 stage of Electric Zoo. Sporting a black cap and white tee, Beni G stood in contrast to Niall Dailly, dressed in all black. While the crowd screamed in delight to the departing Gramatik before, the duo hit the ground running with deep bass, a departure from the bluesy live guitar show of the preceding act. To help properly segue from one genre to the other, they began their set with a small introductory beat edit. With the sun beating down on both sides of the tent, the crowd began to shuffle and sway back and forth.

To a neon audience’s delight, the duo first dropped TJR’s wompy “What Up Suckaz”, the perfect introduction to the funky bass lines to follow for the next hour. Moving through a short edit of Martin Garrix’s massive hit “Animals,” Jack Beats unleashed their massive remix of Flux Pavilion’s famed “Daydreamer.” With the crowd finally grinding to the anthem, the duo tore through a few of their own songs, from their edit of Beyonce’s “Countdown” to “War,” a collaboration with fellow bass connoisseur Diplo.

The next song to catch the crowd’s ear was Tujamo and Plastik Funk’s “Who,” a song that received massive support when it first caught on in Miami this year with support from the likes of Avicii to Dog Blood. Sending the mob into a stomping stampede, the duo bounced along amid the rising dust and sweat inside the tent.

After a few edits and their funky deep “Just the Beat,” the duo hit the crowd with GTA’s underrated remix of Kylie Minogue’s “Skirt,” followed with the AC Slater remix of their song “Careless.” Not letting their fans rest for a minute, a massive bass ID was dropped, and  a roar of cheers greeted the decision. Smiling and wiping the sweat from their brows, the Jack Beats fearlessly pushed play on Baauer and Just Blaze’s newest track “Higher.”

Soaking in the grandeur of the music king of New York, the arms-raised audience chanted “High” with the Jay-Z verse until the familiar Baauer beat was dropped. With the trap beat echoing inside the tent, the drop flattened the crowd, as silhouettes of hundreds of people danced maniacally in the August summer backdrop. Lightening the mood with a remix of the massive smash “Reload” by Bare, the duo nodded in delight as the Kid Kamillion trap edit of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads will Roll” took the audience off guard. Smiles of approval pervaded the crowd, and screams of “OH MY GOD” were audible above the bass.

The set reached its pinnacle when Jack Beat’s ever popular remix of Major Lazer and Flux Pavilion’s “Jah No Partial” soared through the afternoon. In the midst of their massive edit, Beni G stepped back and adjusted his headphones, unveiling his left ear scanning the crowd below. A fleeting moment, he seemed to approve of the mayhem he was witnessing and continued the performance.

Below is just the first half of the set they played at Electric Zoo:

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