Battle of the Beats: Borgore vs Skitzofrenix – Wild OutBattle Of The Beats No Week

Battle of the Beats: Borgore vs Skitzofrenix – Wild Out

Battle of the Beats is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that pits two tracks that share the same title against one another to determine which production represents the name better. With the dance music community continually growing, producers, mashup artists and DJs alike constantly create new music, often of the same name.  Now we are opening it up to our readers to weigh in on whose rendition takes the proverbial cake.

Borgore feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige – Wild Out

Released with much fanfare on Dim Mak earlier this month, bass bad boy Borgore’s “Wild Out” collaboration with Waka Flocka Flame and Paige toes the line between trap and electro house, peppering in a girlish pop vocals saying very unladylike things. Though less decisive than past productions as to the sonic direction, if the track’s position in the charts is any indication, the EDM community doesn’t mind the touch of ADD. The transition from an angsty Waka Flocka rhyme to an angelic Paige line may be abrupt at times, the light tinkling outro a bit unorthodox in a tune with a bass-heavy electro break, but if the title is taken literally, all the genre-defying crew can be accused of is following their own advice.

Skitzofrenix – Wild Out

Also released on Dim Mak just a few weeks after its lyrical predecessor, Skitzofrenix’s “Wild Out” drops the vocals and opts for a more fixed sound. Absent are the stomp and flail moments found in most festival electro, but in their place are polished pieces and a clear melodic intention – and of course a few drops. The Bosnian/Dutch producer’s first original on Aoki’s imprint, “Wild Out” shows the same sensibility as his Revealed release “Clap” before it and pushes the Skitzofrenix into genius territory for his ability to successfully sophisticate an oftentimes pleasantly primal genre.

So whose “Wild Out” drove you wild?

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