Avicii by Avicii: Remix album of ‘True’ on the wayTrue AviciibyAvicii

Avicii by Avicii: Remix album of ‘True’ on the way

Slyly taking to Instagram, Avicii manager Ash Pournouri has revealed artwork for what is expected to be the remix album of True. Labeled Avicii By Avicii the front cover (posted yesterday) is an introversion of the original album art while today’s submission is the back cover, revealing the potential tracklisting. What seems to be setting this remix album apart from others is that Tim is revisiting his own music. Of course, this comes across obviously in the titling — Avicii (remixed) by Avicii. While staying tuned to Ash’s Instagram account has unveiled all of the information surrounding a possible remix album thus far, it’s expected that official news will surface sooner than later.

Update: Avicii by Avicii confirmed for a March 24th release date.

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