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Blastranauts drudge up primeval urges with ‘Blast Off’ EP

Straight out of LA, Blastranauts are the brainchild of MC Escher and Nicholas II. Mashing elements of the Melbourne bounce with Dutch house flavors, the duo put a new spin on their version of electro house. Their new EP, aptly titled ‘Blast Off,’ features two tracks and a remix from BlackGummy. Leading off the release is “Primal” drudging up primeval desires as exhibited in its accompanying music video featuring neighborhood moms having a food fight while the dads place bets on the winner. The EP has a forthcoming release on PrepSchool Recordings, a brainchild label of up-and-coming producers Clinton VanSciver & Dr. Fresch, and will be re-releasing the EP with new remixes by PrepSchool Artists.

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