Missy Elliott – I’m Really Hot (Angger Dimas Rebomb) [Free Download]AnggerDimasImReallyHot

Missy Elliott – I’m Really Hot (Angger Dimas Rebomb) [Free Download]

Dim Mak favorite Angger Dimas must have a blast bouncing ideas around in the studio. Having a diverse ear and mastery around a drumkit, his mash-ups, bootlegs and remixes are always on point, perfectly positioned in a quadrant somewhere between quality and creativity. The Indonesian heavyweight works Missy Elliot’s “I’m Really Hot” circa 2004, featuring a grooving beat under a series of a sharp and rattling percussive lead hits. While looping the original’s siren samples as if listening to Hot 97 on a late Friday night around NYC, Angger preserves one of Missy’s verses and slows the tempo down for a hip-hop arrangement of bright cymbals and bells. So, enjoy this free download, it’s just another day in the office for Angger.

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