NTFO & Karmon up the stakes with two-track Composit EP [EP Review]Composit EP

NTFO & Karmon up the stakes with two-track Composit EP [EP Review]

Representing two of the finer specimens of house music’s unifying potential, Diynamic label favorites NTFO & Karmon reconvene this month with a two-track EP built on the strength their united left-of-field aptitude. For the long overdue collaborative follow-up to 2012’s Wowshit EP for the label, the Romanian/Dutch conglomerate build on the aural buzz that both European prospects have subtly yet succinctly perfected throughout their respective careers.  The EP’s title track ascends with stunning melodic progressions, apexing in the sharp and dutifully cut low-end house work we have come to expect from Diynamic and its relentless talent pool. Accompanying cut “Metropolis” plays with more disorientated and murky undertones, using minimalistic instrumental values to top one of the finest displays from the multinational trio to date. There may be no shortage of artists flocking to the underground sound waves in 2014, but between NTFO & Karmon, the bars for quality and integral house coherence are set ridiculously high.

Release date: March 10th

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