GOLDHOUSE – FeelGood (Pierce Fulton Remix) [Preview]Goldhouse Feelgood

GOLDHOUSE – FeelGood (Pierce Fulton Remix) [Preview]

While summer nights may seem further away than GOLDHOUSE’s “FeelGood” implies, the track is getting a 2014 update ready for the season of long days and hot nights. Following in the remix footsteps of Chuckie is Pierce Fulton, who abandons weirdness for sweetness with his official take. Though keeping the key and tempo of the signature vocals, Fulton funkified the percussion, switching up the cadence of the claps and brightening up the break. Coming off as a cleaner cut than the Chicago native’s original, this latest remix replaces several lyrics segments with sunny synths, updating the melody for a more festival-focused crowd. Due out with Chuckie’s mix and extended and instrumental versions, “FeelGood” will spread the love this April.

Release Date: April 8th

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