Ejeca – Mellow Sun (Original Mix) [Preview]Ejeca

Ejeca – Mellow Sun (Original Mix) [Preview]

By the time Ejeca made his way onto the cards for Moda Black, few could dispute that their affliction for the cream of the modern house crop remained uncontested. Inaugural compilation contributions back in April of last year set their partnership into early positive motion, leaving 2014 debut single “What You Think” to assert a glove like fit for this UK collective and the fast ascending label hopper.  Now, the accomplished Irish house contender rejoins the trail for compilation number three, bringing with him a fresh take on a musical persona we thought we had sussed by now.

Through a series of deep and docile maneuvers, “Mellow Sun” plays into its namesake with an expert balance of low-end execution and intimate melodic composure. It’s the poolside answer to 2014’s buzz sound, but all in the key of an artist growing more and more comfortable in bringing his own twist on the sound of now. Ejeca is quite simply one of the most versatile modern prospects on the UK radar right now and with further stripes for Moda under his belt, 2014 is sure to play into his outstanding track record on dance floor and digital market alike.

Release date: June 9

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