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Dancing Astronaut Presents: A Newbie’s Guide to EDC Las Vegas

Dancing Astronaut Presents: A Newbie's Guide to EDC Las Vegas

Since it’s inception in 1997, Electric Daisy Carnival has experienced an incredible metamorphosis. Now celebrated as one of the world’s most iconic dance music-centric festivals, EDC boasts a full-length documentary, six fellow international and coastal editions, and a million and counting devoted fan “headliners.” Though many festival goers are long-time veterans who fondly reminisce about the days of the Los Angeles Coliseum and happily return to the Speedway grounds for the annual party, first-timers continue to grow as a sizable portion of the festival’s population.

We know that the handful of days before a massive festival can be the most anxious and exciting for eager attendees, unsure of what to expect. A few days ahead of the festival’s opening day, Dancing Astronaut has compiled a list of helpful tips and suggestions to those just beginning the EDC journey in hopes of encouraging the beginning of a long-lasting tradition to come.

1. Divide and Conquer: Draft a Schedule

Over a 180 artists make up the roster of potential artists to see over just three days in the Las Vegas desert, so it will be vital to draft up a schedule of artists you can’t miss – which stage, what time, and who’s next. From afternoon until 6 in the morning, there will be a little taste of everything – from trance, to big room, to dubstep, to hardstyle – in every nook of the festival grounds. Though Insomniac maintains its tradition of releasing artist set times in close proximity to the event’s opening day, it’s never too early to take a thorough look at EDC’s full lineup and mark off your must-see acts. If you need help deciding, peruse Dancing Astronaut’s 10 recommended artists not to miss, right here.

Photo courtesy of Ohdagyo.

2. Stay Flexible

As it important as it is to come prepared with a schedule of artists to see, it’s even more important to come with a flexible mindset. An infinite list of factors may delay you from making it in time to grab the front row spot for Avicii – from bathroom breaks to water refills – and that’s okay, because it’s all part of the EDC experience. After hours and hours of dancing and standing on your feet, walking back and forth with a group of people might take longer than you expect. Perhaps you’ll pause by a stage you neglected while planning, hear an irresistible set and discover a new favorite artist. There’s truly an entire world within the stands of the Speedway, so don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses.

3. Experience the Experience

What pushes EDC ahead of its peer festivals is the ability to enrapture attendees in a comprehensive realm of music and art. It would be a shame to neglect the hours and dollars invested in creating the world that is Electric Daisy Carnival. From carnival rides to art installations and circus performers sprinkled in between, there’s endless sources of entertainment that remain one-of-a-kind to the EDC experience. Along the same lines of remaining flexible to stop and smell the roses (or daisies), any downtime away from stages and DJs can be redirected to taking an hour break to grab a free ride on the Ferris Wheel or any of the numerous thrilling carnival rides. While you sit near the glowing neon lights of a nearby art installation, be on the lookout for clowns and stilt-walkers, just a few of the signature performers that wander throughout the festival’s grounds to fully capture the magical world that is EDC.

Photo courtesy of Life After Dusk.

4. Don't Forget, Your Body is a Temple

In between exploring, dancing, and catching what are guaranteed to be some of the most memorable sets of the year, remember this: Your body will be in constant motion in the desert for 10 or more hours at a time. It becomes easy to forget that while the music doesn’t stop, several important breaks for your body can make all the difference for an enjoyable weekend.

  • For early birds, apply your sunscreen before you head in, as it won’t be allowed into the event.
  • Bring or purchase a reusable aluminum water bottle: Insomniac provides multiple water refill stations where they’ll provide free refills for your canteen, Camelback, or water bottle.
  • Though regulations prohibit festival goers to bring their own food in, there are plenty of tasty and filling options available throughout the venue.
  • If you’re a fan of the front row, bring a pair of ear plugs or purchase some at the general store on-site to protect your hearing throughout the weekend.
  • Though unexpected weather is rare, heavy winds are always a possibility as the desert sun dips below the horizon. Prepare a light jacket if your forecast expects a chilly evening ahead.

For a full list of acceptable and prohibited items for the festival, check here.

5. Get Creative

Insomniac specifically lists festive costumes as an ‘encouraged’ rule and regulation, so break out the glue guns, fur, rhinestones, or whatever else you can get your hands on, and get creative. Of course, daisies are a-plenty, whether on bedazzled bras, on headbands, or as a kandi charm, but there’s no limit to where you can take your three days of EDC attire.

Photo courtesy of Le Panda.

6. Make Memories, and Record Them Too

Hand in hand, the culture of EDC exploded alongside the abundance of epic photography and video aftermovies that rapidly cultivated and sparked interest in rave culture. Out-of-this-world art installations and LED wall backdrops make the perfect setting for your own homemade after film, and Insomniac gladly welcomes GoPros and handheld digital cameras for those eager to document the experience. In addition, for the first time ever, Electric Daisy Carnival and Snapchat have teamed up to provide hundreds of thousands of attendees free wireless internet connection. Whether you’re messaging friends to meet up or snapping Tiësto’s main stage performance, wi-fi will be a welcomed gift throughout the event.

Photo courtesy of Eric Kabik.

7. But Don't Get Stuck Behind a Screen

As important as it is to take home photos and video from the weekend, it will be equally crucial to remember not to get stuck behind your cell phone or camera screen. EDC Las Vegas happens only once a year, and each edition remains a unique experience to its attendees. After you’ve taken your Instagram shot and recorded a Snapchat Story, pocket your phone and put your hands in the air instead. Breathe in the scenery and soak in the music – because that’s what EDC is really all about.

8. Reach Out

Beyond great music and spectacular production, EDC is known for it’s ability to cultivate a warm and loving environment of people, all united to enjoy a weekend of dance music together. Whether you’re heading to the festival alone or hanging with a pack, don’t be surprised if you find strangers cheering “EDC!” together while walking down the Vegas Strip or offering to trade kandi and a hug in the middle of a packed set. Throughout the years, attendees have created new, lasting friendships and made new memories with old ones. Don’t be afraid to contribute, and enjoy your EDC weekend!

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