According to CBS Boston, EDM is a type of MollyZeddWebsterHall Crowdsurf

According to CBS Boston, EDM is a type of Molly

“This clearly didn’tĀ happen last night at Billy Joel.”

More high-quality reporting on electronic dance culture courtesy of an uninformed news media.

CBS Boston recently reported on the incident at TD Bank Garden and Boston’s increasing sensitivity to hosting dance music events in a prime time news report. When describing the dangers of the club drug MDMA, or Molly, the crack-pot journalists behind CBS Boston used the term “EDM” as a street-name for the drug. According to the report, not only are EDM and Molly the same thing, but they are also made in bath tubs in China.

While Christina Hager may have no idea what she is talking about, the man in charge, Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh, told CBS Boston to “stay tuned” in regards to the city’s new approach towards cracking down on dance music events.

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