Maxim Maillet – Ladyboy (Brodinski Remix) [Free Download]Ladyboy Brodinski Remi

Maxim Maillet – Ladyboy (Brodinski Remix) [Free Download]

Behind the decks, Louis Brodinski is easily one of the most charismatic figures in the dance world. In the seat of the studio, his persona is just as intriguing. With an ear for quirky techno and hip hop, the Frenchman produces tracks that could easily fit the category of ‘things that go bump in the night.’ His latest creation is a remix of Maxim Maillet’s rather obscure single “Ladyboy.” Brodinski borrows a few of the more odd elements from the original, but for the most part creates his own track with low rumbling 808s and curious square waves. At times perplexing, at others hauntingly groovy, it’s certainly one of his weirder productions to say the least.

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