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Free water is now a requirement at Amsterdam festivals

While in America the availability of free water at music festivals is often optional, in Amsterdam it has officially become a requirement in order for festival organizers to receive their licenses. The recent decision, pushed by Mayor van der Laan of Amsterdam, arrives after visitors at the Amsterdam Open Air festival complained that security were anything but accommodating when attempting to fill up their empty water bottles at taps.

The new bill, to go into effect toward the end of this year, states that festival organizers must provide unlimited free water and to guarantee that there is one tap for every 150 visitors. Council member Daniel van der Ree commented, “We’re talking about festival goers on a closed-off terrain that who are usually exercising enormous efforts in the burning sun. This group of people should be optimally protected from the dangers of dehydration or fatigue and should thus have unlimited access to free drinking water.”

Via: Deep House Amsterdam, Dutch

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