Spotify begins limited launch in CanadaSpotifypic

Spotify begins limited launch in Canada

Initially launched in Stockholm, Spotify has put a stranglehold on the music industry’s streaming market. The service is available in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and now, among many other countries, Canada. Due to the country’s extremely strict copyright laws, it’s been reported that Spotify was hesitant to enter the Great White North.

A new ruling was passed in May of this year, which states that the streaming service that’s providing the music would pay around 10.2 cents in royalties for every 1,000 plays. The previous percentage was a whopping 45% of any streaming service’s gross revenue, which is considerably higher than in any other country that Spotify already exists. Users that signed up received an invitation e-mail to try the service for free before anyone else, although no mention of a monthly fee or premium memberships has been brought up yet.

Via: The Globe and Mail

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