Caribou’s Essential Mix knits together the best of his aliasesCaribou

Caribou’s Essential Mix knits together the best of his aliases

This week’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix curator was musician and producer Caribou/Daphni. Those familiar with the Canadian-born artist’s dual nature know that the key word when it comes to his sound is “diversity.” As Daphne, he keeps the focus of his production entirely on the dance floor, while as Caribou it’s more about eclectic live performances. His Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 captures elements from all aspects of his distinct musical personality and takes us from the basement lounge to the dance floor to some futuristic parallel universe where odd sounds and experimental grooves reign supreme. There is plenty of acoustic instrumentation in this mix too – at times it feels more like a garage jam session than a DJ set.

Caribou told BBC Radio 1 that this mix is “an attempt to knit together those two sides of my life” while still building the anticipation for his new album which Pete Tong claims is destined to become one of the best albums of the year. It’s also Caribou’s last studio gift to us before he hits the road for a massive world tour.

Listen to the mix here:

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