Coldplay’s Chris Martin explores inspirations behind the creation of ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ with AviciiChris Martin Coldplay

Coldplay’s Chris Martin explores inspirations behind the creation of ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ with Avicii

Many were caught off guard when Coldplay first unveiled “A Sky Full of Stars,” an announcement that simultaneously revealed that the acclaimed British band had collaborated with dance music super icon Avicii. Unsurprisingly, Avicii’s production abilities were a complementary addition to Coldplay’s melodic sound and just like that, Ghost Stories was pushed forward and ahead thanks to a talented hand of electronic music.

Over half a year past its initial release, Chris Martin sat down with Beats by Dre to explore the inspirations and journey that allowed “A Sky Full of Stars” to blossom into the successful hit that it now is. “[It] really ended up being inspired by EDM, which some people turn their nose up at,” he shares, obviously aware of the stigmatic differences in musical genres.”But then you go and see an EDM [show], and people are so together, having the best time. I said f*ck it, I love that stuff. I want us to have a song that comes from that world.”

Chris, reminiscing back with a happy smile on his face, tells that connecting with Avicii was a smooth experience. The Swedish producer had no hesitations to help with the song and was quick to deliver a ‘full Avicii’ version of the track. Coldplay returned with an entirely Coldplay rendition, and together the two camps weaved “A Sky Full of Stars” together over several weeks time. “I love that song,” he mused. “It’s the most important song we’ve ever had, lyrically.”

Coldplay’s Ghost Stories is a tale of heartbreak, but as Chris describes, “it’s not saying you should just give up. It’s saying something is broken, so let’s fix it and make it better than it was before.” To him, “A Sky Full of Stars” is the bookend of the sadness, a song that represents opening the doors to a new sunrise. “[This] will be the point where you go, ‘Okay. I’ve got that out of my system. Now let’s go dance.'”


Coldplay shares surprising collaboration with Avicii, ‘A Sky Full of Stars’

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