‘We made some songs more in his style and some more in ours,’ Showtek divulge details on working with David GuettaShowtek TOGETHER Comp

‘We made some songs more in his style and some more in ours,’ Showtek divulge details on working with David Guetta

David Guetta’s next studio album will be bringing together an all-star cast of both electronic music’s biggest stars and mainstream music’s larger than life figures. One of those dance music collaborators was Showtek, who recently revealed a handful of details about working with the French star and partnering with Tiësto.

On the pair’s creative chemistry with David Guetta, Showtek commented on their attempt at crossover appeal. “Working with David was a great chance to try producing pop, reggae and the dance music from nowadays. The songs definitely have a good Showtek touch but also more crossover pop and reggae styles from David. It’s fun to try and do different stuff and experiment and see where you can go with it. It’s good to be diverse and try different stuff. David is very good to work with. He has the ability to put things together I’d never think of, he’s been doing it already for like 15 years. He’s very good at knowing what to put together with what and have a vision for how it should be produced. Putting a different style vocal with a different sound and find the right people to work with.”

Quickly speaking the differences of how both artists start an original mix, the duo behind “Cannonball” disclosed a massive number of different versions of their most-recent collaboration with Guetta,”For him, it starts with a lyric, and for us it’s about having a catchy melody. When you put that together, you have great ingredients that can work together. We made 25 versions of “No Money No Love,” because he’s really detail-oriented and everything must be perfect. It took at least six months, because you don’t see each other every day to make it really fit and have new vocal sessions and trips to see each other.”

Having dominated festival sets and mainstream radio with “Bad,” David Guetta’s influence on Showtek’s latest productions is apparent. Nicky Romero was the first Guetta-protege to land colossal crossover collaborations with Rihanna and Britney Spears and Showtek, whose “Sun Goes Down” will be a prime attraction on Listen, may be the next in line to follow in Guetta’s footsteps.

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