Diplo reveals ongoing collaboration with SOPHIEDiplo

Diplo reveals ongoing collaboration with SOPHIE

While the identity of anonymous producer SOPHIE is still tightly under wraps, his success has been a hot topic of conversation since the release of hits like “Lemonade” and “Bipp.” Given the incognito artist’s penchant for bass-heavy booty-moving music, the recent announcement that SOPHIE will be collaborating with like-minded producer Diplo makes sense.

According to Diplo, it’s also nothing new. Earlier this week, the American producer told inthemix that he’d been working with SOPHIE for a while and that they’d already done “a bunch of stuff together.” One of their collaborative records even features Madonna and Nicki Minaj. Past that, there isn’t much information on the partnership, but in his recent interview with inthemix Diplo promised to begin releasing the tunes soon.

Via: inthemix

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