Could a record label be in Snapchat’s future?Snapchat Flashy Features

Could a record label be in Snapchat’s future?

First it was Snap Cash, then Our Campus story, now Snapchat has its sights on the music industry. In a mad-dash to remain relevant and expand their user base, the smartphone application appears to be working out the idea of starting a record label or an official partnership with Vevo.

The rumors began after Sony Entertainment was subject to a massive hack earlier this week. Emails between Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and Sony’s CEO Michael Lynton were leaked, including conversations that detail everything from financial negotiations to a bit of skepticism on Sony’s end about Snapchat’s ambitions for the music industry. Will 10 second records be the next big trend? We’ll have to wait and see the official extent of Snapchat’s musical integration.

Via: Billboard

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