DA Premiere: Feed Me – Different World (Original Mix)Feed Me A Giant Warriror Descends

DA Premiere: Feed Me – Different World (Original Mix)

Between his two aliases Feed Me and Spor, you’d be hard pressed to find an electronic musician causing a bigger buzz in the last few days than Jon Gooch. Aside form unveiling the first track off his new Feed Me EP, A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo, Jon formally initiated the return of Spor with his official remix of The Prodigy’s “Nasty.”

Now we’ve got another taste of his impending Feed Me EP with “Different World.” The Spor influence is clear in the new original as Jon brings one of his darkest tracks to date to his revered electro alias.

To say the track is slamming would be an understatement; “Different World” brings a near-riotous energy that only someone as mischievous as Feed Me could concoct.

Release Date: February 2nd