deadmau5 unveils ‘Spirit of Gumball’ documentaryDeadmau5 Live Purrari Gumball 3000

deadmau5 unveils ‘Spirit of Gumball’ documentary

As absurd as deadmau5‘s plans to participate in The Gumball 3,000 may have sounded, the musical talent stayed true to his word as he added a good 3,000 miles to his custom-made, Nyan Cat-donning Ferrari in Spring 2014. Driving from Miami to New York, and eventually finding himself in Ibiza, Joel Zimmerman documented his rare experience entering five countries in a mere seven days through a 16-minute long short film titled “Spirit of Gumball.”

With any daring challenge there are obstacles. Joel’s wallet was lost – or possibly stolen – during the rally causing him to be unable to drive for the remainder of the trip to Ibiza. Despite a full week of sleepless nights and being pulled over by the police in Europe, Zimmerman and his co-driver, Tory Belleci, made it to the finish line with outstanding results – winning the 2014 “Spirit of the Gumball” award.

Watch above as deadmau5 takes viewers on an international road trip to the sounds of his latest album, while(1 < 2). 

Via: The Verge

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